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(844) 276-6783
644 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

Bongs, Glass Pipes, and Grinders (Scrool down for Coupon)



      Contact us 212-390-1654 for the finest Bongs, Glass Pipes, and smoking accessories.


Glass metal and wooden pipes, water pipes, Bubblers, Tobacco Crushers, Scales, Dug-out, & Bowls.


The Lowest Prices Prices Guarnteed!!!
>Glass Bowls Double Blown:
2" -----------$12.95
3" -----------$15.95
4" -----------$19.95
Starting at $4.95 & up
>Dug-outs with cigarette:
Small ---------$12.95
Large ---------@14.95
Water Pipes:
Starting @ $17.95
You dont have to go to the Village, Come on in and visit us, you will $ave and be dazzled!
Contact us for the finest bongs, glass pipes, and smoking accessories, and tobacco pipes.




Smoke N Vape

This coupon is good for the 15% percentage off regularly priced items only. Offer applies to Glass Pipes, Bongs, and grinders.

Not good in combination with any other coupons or offers.

Print this coupon and bring it with you.

expires: 12/12/15

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